Local Market Domination

By: Neovora | October 31, 2017

Google has made sure that consumers are given the best options and services by local businesses, and in return these customers trusts ‘Mr. G.’ to give them the top businesses in their local community when searching through their mobile devices.

And as the competition gets tougher and the demand to work harder on creating a reputable presence online, local companies must place importance on how proximity can increase visibility and drive traffic to their local store.

It’s a fact that business name, address, and phone number (NAP), unique company description, and readable content are the major components to be featured in the top 20 businesses, but proximity beats them all. If the potential customer isn’t near your store location at the time of search, your store may not be included in the top list.

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So how do you beat proximity then? The concept is simple, which is a common concept we implement on our SEO Albany marketing strategy - it is to give your business website more value through authority backlinks, consistent citations in all directory websites, and proper categorization of your business.

Don’t stay in the dark second guessing what needs to be done for your company to rank in the top local list. We have a team dedicated to accomplish all this more, all for the success of your business goals!